Very well said! This is exactly what they did with Dobbs in focusing on adoption rather than (unpopular) criminalization of abortion. They did miscalculate somewhat, as people were initially horrified by Amy Coney Barrett's baby boxes, followed by Sam Alito citing the need for "domestic supply of infant" for infertile people in his argument legal abortion is unnecessary because the infant supply would be sure to find "suitable homes" in adoption. But the industry is currently flooding the media with adoption propaganda and beaming celebrity adoptive parents, including liberal ones, acting as if Roe didn't just get overturned.

Brackeen v Haaland is more insidious as most Americans are unfamiliar with tribal issues and our nation's history of violence and predation against indigenous persons and families. When the SCOTUS majority (as I sadly predict) upends ICWA it will likely receive little national attention. I agree adoption is a trojan horse for the forces of corporate greed and extraction here and I also see these cases as advancing the interests of the adoption industry itself. The court is creating an entitlement for those deemed "suitable" to adopt children and an obligation on those deemed not suitable to parent to create them. Meanwhile pro-choice white liberals continue to think adoption is a charming Hallmark movie.

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Love this. There was a time in recent history where religion was systematically immunized from criticism too, but that has shifted in small ways. It took very courageous people of faith as well as non-believers being willing to challenge the de-facto "gag rule" to begin to create space for debate and criticism.

Adoption needs those voices too. People willing to be controversial and to continue to speak in the face of withering backlash are what's needed, but more than that, there needs to be a forum or platform from shock to speak, which will be difficult to create. Without a Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens type voice overcome the inertia, it's going to be challenging to get this message out there.

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